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A new report from Wired and Reveal claims Amazon’s internal security is so lax that low-level employees could spy on the shopping habits of celebrities. According to Business Insider , an anonymous Amazon service representative told Wired find out more he saw co-workers search the shopping history of musician Kanye West and several unnamed stars of Marvel’s Avengers movies. Others at the retail giant told Wired they saw co-workers use their access to snoop on purchases made by their ex-partners. “Everybody, everybody did it,” a former customer service manager told Wired. The report added other employees took bribes to help shady sellers sabotage competitors’ businesses, doctor Amazon’s review system, and sell knock-off products to unsuspecting customers. The report was based on interviews with former Amazon employees and memos and internal documents from 2015 to 2018. Gary Gagnon, the vice president of Amazon’s information security team in 2017, told Wired that when he arrived, Amazon’s security systems were “shocking.” “It was all put together with tape and bubblegum,” Gagnon told Wired. An Amazon representative refuted the report and its accusations in a statement to Business Insider. “The company has invested and continues to invest in technology tools and procedures that limit access to only the data that is critical to complete a particular assignment,” the spokesperson said.

His father, Jim, (baseball) and mother, Becky (volleyball) were both student-athletes at the U. He's currently undecided on what his major will be at Minnesota. Schools Also Considered: Notre Dame, Indiana, Xavier. Egan on why he chose Minnesota: "It has been my dream to go here since I was a little kid. Both of my parents were student athletes at Minnesota, so I grew up bleeding maroon and gold. Growing up walking around campus and going to games for every sport all year round grew a love for the school that I couldn't find anywhere else. After talking a visit of campus and many great conversations with coach McDevitt, I knew it really was the place I wanted to spend the next four years of my life." Goals for his time at Minnesota: "I want to maintain a great team culture and bring the entire team up together when we are succeeding. Setting the team up as best as we can to secure wins. I want to be a the best teammate I can be, on and off the field."  on Egan: "The velocity isn't going to jump at you, but he is one of the more polished pitchers the state has to offer. T.J.